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Gilbert, Arizona Divorce Mediation

The divorce process can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be messy. When facing a divorce, many couples feel as though the court process is the best route. This could be due to the level of conflict during the marriage, or the uncertainty of if you can handle speaking for yourself. These fears and uncertainties are understandable. It is important to realize that with mediation you aren’t alone. The mediator is there to guide both parties in making decisions together. They can help provide insight, and de-escalate situations when tensions start to build.

Arizona Divorce provides mediation services that can lead to a simple and cost-effective divorce process. We are a team of leading experts who understand the unique complications of the divorce process. We can help you avoid a court battle that can impact you both emotionally and financially. We provide services in divorce mediation as well as childcare and support mediation.

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“I’m so glad we went the mediation route.”

“Well-organized, supportive, compassionate and effective: I’m so glad we went the mediation route. I was completely satisfied with the results.

Their level of skill and compassion surpassed what I expected during the difficult process of divorce.”


The Benefits of Divorce Mediation


Affordable Client-Friendly Flat Fees

Mediation is Effective and Affordable

The average cost of divorce in Gilbert is high. This adds additional stress and strain, especially when the need for financial stability in this process is crucial. Attorney retainers alone can be costly, and some trials can even exceed $100,000 total in the end.

At Arizona Divorce, we provide a clear flat fee for our divorce mediation. Our goal through the whole process is to keep communication open. This process is a lot easier when you aren’t overly stressed. We believe providing a clear rate for the entire process can help alleviate some of the stresses involved in this process. On average, our services cost 85-95% less than total divorce legal fees in Arizona.


Private and Confidential

Moving Through the Process on Your Terms

In the courtroom, you can often feel like a spectator. Once you hire legal representation, they take control. They may even tell you to halt all communications concerning the divorce with your spouse. This can lead to miscommunication that takes additional time to resolve. Miscommunications can lead to conflicts escalating, making the whole process feel impossible.

In mediation, nothing gets lost in translation. You’ll always know exactly what your partner is trying to say and vice versa. Even in high-conflict situations, mediation can be highly effective. The goal of mediation is to provide focused problem-solving to establish possible common ground. Working from there often leads to beneficial agreements that could take much longer to reach in court.


Less Time, Lower Conflict

Avoiding the Courtroom

When you choose mediation, you never have to worry about stepping foot in a courtroom. The courtroom provides a different atmosphere than mediation. In a courtroom, you are physically separated from one another, and you rely on your legal representation to speak for you. This often causes feelings of discouragement, as if you’ve already lost. This is often because you know a judge is going to decide your future. This unease can cause disagreements to quickly escalate, adding more tension to the situation. When you don’t go to court, you save more financially, you experience less stress, and it takes less time to reach agreements.

In mediation, your mediator is there to act as a guide. They are not there to weigh in or to make decisions for you. Your mediator helps to keep the process moving to settle all of the issues a judge would. This includes child support, childcare plans, and your division of assets and debts. While these topics can still be stressful and cause conflict, it is in a controlled situation where your voice is heard throughout. This allows for agreements that are unique to your situation. This often means both sides can walk away feeling satisfied with the decisions reached.


Choose a healthier divorce process

Easier on the Children

Emotions can be high during the divorce process. In mediation, you’re able to work through those emotions on the spot. In the courtroom, this often isn’t the case. This can lead to building animosity between parents that can be felt by their children. Battles can be avoided when choosing mediation. You’ll use respectful communication to discuss all parenting issues and reach agreements on custody, support, and other important factors. This keeps the power in your hands, and not that of a judge.

Mediation provides a way to truly keep the focus on the best interest of your kids. You’ll be able to customize your agreement, ensuring you are both happy with the terms. Working together through the divorce process can help build a better co-parenting relationship for the future as well.

Be a superhero to your children

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Divorce can be complicated, but it doesn’t have to be messy. We have worked with all types of couples seeking a settlement outside of the courtroom. We will help guide you to determine your terms on your own, creating a customized agreement that truly represents the needs and desires of both sides. Contact us with any questions, or if you’d like to schedule your free initial consultation.

Divorcing parents: you can be a superhero to your children.

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cathi jensen
“Mediation is the far better choice that divorcing parents can make for the sake of their children. Michael is a compassionate mediator. I would trust him with my thoughts and feelings knowing that he would lead me to the best solution for my situation.”

Cathi Jensen Searles

Elementary School Teacher, Paradise Valley Unified School District (30+ years)

“Michael is an exceptional lawyer and mediator. His intelligence, skills, and personal qualities have allowed him to master the art and science of dispute resolution. He is creative, patient, positive, flexible, empathetic and trustworthy. His listening and communications skills are simply excellent. ”

Nancy MacLean Davidson, Esq.

Fitzgibbons Law Offices P.L.C.

josh nunez
“Michael is known for his creative legal mind. His reputation for fairness and excellence has a positive bearing on his outcomes with clients. His intellect helps generate thoughtful and practical solutions under difficult circumstances. Cool, calm, and collected – that’s classic Michael Aurit.”

Josh Nunez, Esq.

The Nunez Law Firm, Phoenix, Arizona


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