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Arizona Online Divorce

Online divorce in Arizona has become the primary way spouses divorce since the beginning of the pandemic. People of all economic backgrounds, ages, and family dynamics have divorced online in a more simple and smooth manner than ever before.

Connecting online for personal conversations with family and friends has become commonplace. Platforms, such as Zoom, have become part of everyday life. It seems natural that divorcing spouses would find online mediation a convenient, and sometimes necessary, solution for their divorce mediation process.

The pandemic has magnified the advantages of divorcing online. Specifically, divorce mediation works extremely well for an online divorce, while litigation online is not available.

Many things may feel out of our control, especially if you are considering divorce or legal separation. Online mediation allows spouses to stay in control of their own terms, safely from their own home or office, rather than a Judge deciding their future. With the guidance of a professional mediator, spouses reach their best possible agreements. Experienced divorce mediators are skilled at helping spouses produce win-win agreements.

The last year has shown us that online family mediation provides a very personal experience that can advance more meaningful communication and a better understanding of the issues. This can lead to highly thoughtful agreements in mediation.

Busy professionals who have opposite or conflicting work schedules can use online mediation privately from any location and avoid the need to take time off of work. Busy parents who have difficulty arranging child care can also benefit.

Our professional mediators help both spouses through the entire divorce process online via Zoom. The online process is simple and most clients have reported they would prefer it to in-person mediation meetings.


Our simple, four-step process


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Hear about our straight-forward Arizona divorce process, have all your questions answered, and learn about the next steps.


We File the Petition

You will avoid the often hurtful process of “being served.” Instead, we file your divorce Petition without conflict and your process moves forward.


We Help You Reach Agreements

You, not the judge, remain in control of your terms. Your mediator will identify the issues, explain Arizona law, and help you reach your best possible agreement.


We File the Consent Decree

Your divorce is finalized when we file your consent decree with the court, without ever going to court.

“I’m so glad we went the mediation route.”

“Well-organized, supportive, compassionate and effective: I’m so glad we went the mediation route. I was completely satisfied with the results.

Their level of skill and compassion surpassed what I expected during the difficult process of divorce.”


Keep it Simple with Online Mediation

Divorcing spouses often live in different cities, or different states, making travel to in-person mediation very challenging or even impossible. Spouses who live in remote areas or who have health issues/disabilities may also find online mediation to be a more convenient option.

Online divorce mediation is simple and very efficient. A computer and an internet connection are basically all that is necessary. Many people take comfort in the convenience of participating from home, rather than traveling to the mediator’s office.

The benefits of divorce mediation are all still present when mediation is accomplished online. Spouses stay in complete control of their own divorce terms. They never set foot in a courtroom. The process is entirely private as Arizona law protects the confidentiality of mediation, whether completed in-person or online.

Mediation is generally 80-90% less expensive than litigation in court. Online divorce mediation takes only 2-4 months before divorce is finalized, compared to a year or more in litigation. Mediation lowers conflict, which in turn lowers stress for spouses and their children. Children’s well-being is protected when parents avoid a custody battle. Parents can more easily transition to a healthy co-parenting relationship through mediation.
Consider discussing the advantages of online divorce mediation with your spouse or sharing this information with a friend in need. Divorcing online provides a convenient option for spouses who prefer to avoid a court battle and choose a more peaceful divorce process.


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