books about divorce for kids

Books That Can Help Explain Divorce to Kids

5 Books – Making Sense of Divorce

Reading is a great way to introduce your kids to new concepts, and reading books about divorce can help them begin to adjust to your family’s transition. Reading quality books with your kids gives you the opportunity to provide real-time answers to their questions. It can also help you to understand where they may need extra support. Reading together can help you and your kids to stay focused on the love that exists between you and help you find creative ways to manage new challenges together.

For Kids Ages 3-7

  • Two Homes by Claire Masurel (2003) – Alex is a young boy who is lucky enough to have two of everything. He lives in two households—one with mom and one with dad; he has two bedrooms, two chairs, two sets of friends, and much more. Alex is aware that he is fortunate enough to have a loving and caring parent in each of his houses. This book is a perfect read to remind young kids that no matter where their parents live, both parents love them and are there for them.
  • It’s Not Your Fault, Koko Bear by Vicki Lansky (1997) – Koko Bear‘s parents are divorced and she is struggling to understand and deal with her emotions, such as sadness, anger, and confusion. This book shows kids how KoKo Bear manages through trying times. This book gives helpful tips for parents and helps keep the lines of communication open.

For Kids Ages of 5+

  • I Don’t Want to Talk About It by Jean Franz Ransom (2000) – A young girl struggling to understand her emotions, uses her imagination to envision herself as different animals in an attempt to process her feelings about her parents’ divorce. When she feels weak and scared, she imagines herself to be as strong and brave as a lion. This clever book helps kids, and parents, to see themselves as capable of handling challenges. The parents in this book continuously remind their daughter that they both love her.

For Kids Ages of 8+

  • Divorce Is Not the End of the World by Zoe and Evan Stern (2008) – Having experienced their parent’s divorce, Zoe (15 years old) and Evan (12 years old), write a guide to help other kids like them. This inspiring guide helps kids who have gone through—or are currently going through—the divorce of their parents. It provides kids with the opportunity to better understand and control their emotions, while educating them about the changes that might occur due to their parent’s divorce.

For Kids Ages of 10+

  • Mom’s House, Dad’s House for Kids by Isolina Ricci (2006) – This book provides older kids with information about how to deal with the changes that typically occur in a teen’s home life after divorce. Written by a family therapist, this book guides young adults through the process of dealing with the division occurring in their lives. It provides helpful information about how to remain a neutral party, even if conflicts arise between their parents. To help engage the older kids, this book incorporates worksheets and check-lists that offer further support during tough times.

Finding the Right Decisions to Make

Mediation can provide information about healthy co-parenting during and after divorce. It allows parents to collaborate about how best to create an environment in which their children will thrive. Parents are able to provide open and expressive households by communicating in a way that always prioritizes the children’s needs. For Arizona parents, more information can be found in our Guide to Divorce in Arizona.


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